All-Waste Control will collect trash and recyclables twice a week (Monday and Friday) during the summer, starting on Monday, June 12, 2017. The last Monday pickup will be September 5, 2017, after which pickup will be on Fridays only. The Town of East Haddam has implemented “single stream recycling” so it is no longer necessary to separate the various recyclables into separate containers and/or put them out on separate days. All recyclables can be combined and placed into a single container and put out with your regular trash. We must recycle:

  1. Glass and metal food and beverage containers (rinsed); lids go in trash (No broken glass, mugs, windowpanes, ceramics, light bulbs, mirrors, dishes or tempered glass)
  2. Plastic containers #1 through #7 (rinsed); lids go in trash
  3. Newspaper, magazines, cereal/pasta boxes, milk and juice cartons, junk mail (No phone books, wax- or plastic-coated cardboard, soiled newspaper or magazines, books, plastic (Tyvek) envelopes)
  4. Cardboard (broken down) (No wax coated boxes, soiled boxes, pizza boxes)
  5. Garbage bags should not be left uncovered for more than one day to prevent animals getting into them.

Please contact All-Waste Control at 860-873-9005 with any questions.