Parking Permits

Your 2015 Spring Packet contained four (4) hang tag design Parking Permits for your family and guests. These permits are registered to your property and may be moved from vehicle to vehicle. These permits replace all previous permits, including separate guest passes, and are the only permits that will be accepted when you park on Association property. PLEASE LEAVE THE PARKING PERMITS AT YOUR LAKE HAYWARD PROPERTY.

Vehicles not displaying the current Parking Permit will be asked to leave Association property. It is your responsibility to inform guests and/or renters of the need to display these permits when on Association property. It is your responsibility to ensure that Parking Permits are returned to your property by guests and/or renters. The POALH assumes no responsibility for vehicles that do not display the current permit. As these Parking Permits are registered to your property, if you sell, please leave the permits for the next owner. Replacement Parking Permits will be available for $25 per permit. Contact Bonnie Sudell at for information.