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P.O.A.L.H. Pavilion Reservation Form Rental Agreement

Date: ________________

Name: _________________________________________________________________________(Lessee)

Lake Address: __________________________________________________________________________

Email Address: _________________________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ________________________Cell Phone: _______________________________________

Rental Date: ______________Rental Time In: _______________Rental Time Out: ___________________

Type of Event: _________________________________________________________________________


POALH members in good standing may reserve the Pavilion from May 1st through Labor Day weekend.  Holiday weekends and Lake Hayward Days are not available and will be kept open for general use by members or association planned events. Saturday evenings are not available in July and August.

The Lessee shall pay by check to POALH the sum of $50.00 being hereinafter referred to as the “Deposit Amount.”  The Deposit Amount must be made payable to POALH and submitted to POALH Treasurer PO BOX 230 Colchester CT, 06415 prior to the event.

You may email Lee Griffin with any questions.

The Deposit Amount will be returned only if the following conditions are satisfied (The $50.00 deposit will be forfeited for unsatisfactory clean up):

  • Floors swept
  • Spills wiped up
  • No property damage
  • Garbage bags placed in receptacle
  • Table tops cleaned / washed
  • Tables repositioned

Once the event is held and all duties of the lessee under this agreement have been, in the opinion of the POALH Pavilion representative, properly executed, the check (Deposit Amount) will be destroyed, donated or returned. A phone number will be provided before the event in case there are issues.


Event Restrictions (Violating this policy may result in the forfeit of your deposit):

  • No illegal activities or drugs
  • No taping, nailing, stapling or thumbtacking of decorations or signs to any table, wall, door or pillars.
  • No fires of any type
  • No use of grills within 10 feet of pavilion

Reservation Guidelines and Instructions for Use:

  • Association planned events and private party reservations will be posted and updated on the Lake Hayward website Calendar_of_Events. Please verify date availability prior to submitting request. All Association activities take precedence and board representative reserves the right to deny reservation based on scheduled or anticipated association events. Reservations will not be approved until the POALH Calendar has been completed.
  • If there is an association function scheduled on a Friday or Saturday evening, private parties must end (including clean up) by 5 PM.
  • Cars parking in a beach parking lot must display a current POALH parking pass.  No additional parking passes will be issued for guests attending private parties. Additional parking at the ball field is available for your guests.
  • Please allow one picnic table to be available for use by other association members on the beach.
  • Use of the pavilion does not include the use of other association property such as folding tables, chairs, and coffee pots. Please plan accordingly.
  • Glass bottles or beverage containers are not permitted on the beach. Wine bottles must be in a protective sleeve or bag; beer and soda bottles secured in coolers inside the pavilion.

The Lessee shall be responsible for all persons who attend the function and shall ensure that all persons act in an orderly, responsible and safe manner.  POALH retains the right to terminate the event or expel any person or persons who are deemed to be unruly, unsafe, illegally or acting with dangerous behavior or who are in violation of any other clause of the contract.  The lessee shall also be responsible for any damage to the leased premises during the subject rental, regardless of cause and shall promptly reimburse POALH in full for such damages.

In consideration of the leasing of the premises (pavilion) of POALH to the undersigned, the undersigned hereby releases POALH, it’s officers, members and employees from any and all suits, actions, compensation, consequential and punitive damages, any and all property damage, personal injuries, illnesses, death resulting from any occurrence or accident that may occur as a result of or arise out of leasing or use of the described premises by the Lessee.

The undersigned hereby agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless POALH, it’s officers, members and employees from any claims brought by any person or entity arising out of or related to this agreement.

The laws of the state of Connecticut shall govern this rental agreement.

In the event that any court of competent jurisdiction enters a final order determining that any provision of this rental agreement is unenforceable, all other provisions of this agreement shall survive and continue in full force and effect.

Enclosed is my reservation fee of $50.00. I have read and agree to the guidelines for use of the POALH Pavilion and understand that I am responsible for enforcing the rules and bylaws that govern association members and their guests while on Lake Hayward property.

Please select disposition of your check: [  ] destroy, [  ] donate to POALH general fund,  [  ] return (SASE enclosed). 

Name of Lessee (print): ______________________ Name of Lessee (sign): _______________________
For POALH: (print): ___________ Signature: _________________________________