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July 12, 2014
President’s Message

Only on Lake Hayward!

We certainly had a packed house for the Fourth of July weekend. Friday’ s much-needed rain was welcomed as it set the stage for a great weekend of sun and great weather for outdoor fun. Read below about some of the events that took place and hope to see you at Karaoke on Saturday night.

A few of our members took me up on my offer to stop by and chat. Both the wine and conversation was great! I would agree with those of you who have long nostalgic memories that our community isn’t the same as those “Happy Days” of the past. Who wouldn’t be happy about summering on the Lake and having time and friends to gather around to plan activities for children and adults alike. It sounded like it was a time when moms were at home and cottages were filled with kids all bonding and forming friendships for life. A lot of those memories I see posted on various sites. I have also heard about the carnival days that almost wasn’t because no one stepped up to organize. I wish I was there! I wish I had seen all the Little Miss Hayward contests and worked with some of the local legends whose memories are cherished to this day. Just for one day, I would like to be 20 years older and have lived on the lake longer than my six years and shared your memories.

Looking ahead

So fast-forward to today: how do we define the needs and wants of our community and foster an environment that creates new friendships and memories? How do you motivate a community of new people who also do not share those memories? This is not the role of the board, but comes from a ground swell of community initiatives. Much like our own family traditions. Why don’t our families of today embrace the family traditions of previous generations? Families live farther apart, everyone is working, time is precious. Today’s Lake Hayward community is evolving and it will be up to those who live or summer here to determine what those traditions will be. So whatever grassroots interests exist, the board will support those initiatives. We have the funds, we have the infrastructure to ensure that our community survives. There has been a survey circulating asking about interests and ideas and things you would like the board to organize. We have nine surveys in. One hundred and twenty people attended our June meeting and only nine people filled out the form. No complaints, but clearly, community interests are changing as newer families move in. Other vehicles also exist to get your ideas and input.

The role of the board

So what is the role of the board? Is it to motivate people to volunteer or is it to respond to community interests and preservation and protection of our properties and business at hand. How important is parking passes in the scheme of things? How important is it to enforce the rules and bylaws? How important is it to be sure the board protects us from a very litigious society. I would like to hear from you on these topics.

What about the garbage cans? How can that be the hot topic of the week when eating and bringing food onto the beaches were not allowed during those happy tears? What is reasonable, what is realistic? What is enforceable? Perhaps it is time for community and board members to set and manage expectations. Find a different way to plan our social and recreation events, clean our beaches, waterfronts, right of ways or repurpose the weekly newsletter. Our community has changed and is continuing to evolve. Yes, more business concerns, but no less the kindred spirit and strong desire to preserve what makes us special and make new memories to share and continue to attract new property owners. If you have ideas or specific actions you would like to see the board or committee chairs adopt, please contact your board rep or write us.

My comments aren’t intended to be accusatory or make people feel guilty when we continue the plea for volunteers. We know many of you have worked hard on behalf of the community in the past.

But for future generations and newcomers, the Lake Hayward Property Owners’ Association needs three things to flourish as we know it – revenue through taxes , leadership through involvement and experience and community involvement. Let’s look ahead to the future and not live in the past.

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