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August 1, 2015
President’s Message: Time and effort pay off

Today’s message is a brief stewardship report. Before that, I would like to thank those members who devote so much time and energy to our social events. Without you, we would not be who we are today – a fantastic waterfront association that offers more to our members and especially our children than most associations and campgrounds with which I am familiar.

There are simply too many names to list, but I do need to recognize Don Smith as the keeper of our calendar and coordinator of our social events. Without Don’s efforts, we would not be as organized nor would our events run as smoothly as they do. Please thank Don and the other active Association members who organize the events, especially the weekly Craft Night and Children’s Bingo. Don’t forget our newsletter editor Mike Trocchi, who remains in the background but without whom you would not be reading this.

For details on Board activities, please visit our website and review the materials posted, including Board meeting minutes. The Board has been active addressing items from both Town Hall meetings as well as individual member concerns. These include:

● Developing guidelines and creating a business management system including both written and email correspondence to remain in compliance with the Freedom of Information Act.

● Creation of two subcommittees within the Board to identify specific homeowner issues and concerns and to propose solutions regarding Pilgrim Way and Glimmer Glen.

● Identifying and managing 21 Association properties including rights of way. This includes reclaiming rights of way, expanding access to the water for association members, management of the beach areas, expanding seasonal boat storage areas and routine maintenance projects.

● Managing goose poop issues – a concern for all and an issue difficult to address as anyone who has been here for more than a few years can attest. Some years are worse than others and there are no simple solutions. This is an annual concern and receives the most complaints. Many homeowners have researched this issue and shared with the Board. This will continue to be an issue for years to come and we will do our best to realistically address it.

● Managing insurance coverage: Bouvier Insurance continues to be our agent and coverage has been secured for another year.

● Refining and updating beach and property rules.

● Promoting public safety through hiring private duty police patrols in our neighborhoods, posting signage and notes in our newsletters.

● Reviewing and updating a policy on the “One Foot Reserve” boundary line surrounding the Association, including current legal interpretations and validity of this once commonly accepted practice.

● Working with standing committees to assure they are properly funded and events are organized.

● Working with the Lake Quality Improvement Committee to improve our quality of life and protecting our most valuable asset, Lake Hayward. This includes weekly testing of the lake water.

● Conducting normal business affairs required of any organization.

This is just a rough summary of Board and committee activities and is not all-inclusive. See the committee reports in the newsletters and social events in the calendar.

It’s safe to say we are quite an active volunteer Board with several volunteer committees working to meet your needs while maintaining our full-time jobs and responsibilities to our families.

Next time you see a Board or committee member, thank them for the countless hours they volunteer to our community.

- Bob Sudell

Click here to read the 2014 Lake Quality Committee report.

Click here to read the 2014 year-end report (pdf) from Aquatic Control Technology concerning the treatment of Lake Hayward for invasive weeds.

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