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June 27, 2015
President’s Message: It's time to enjoy summer

As you can see, our first newsletter of the season is packed with content!

This edition is an important one to help you settle into the season. We have important business to attend to this year and, because of your efforts, we have been able to schedule a number of fun events.

Due to the great teamwork between Don Smith (pavilion reservations and Mike Trocchi, webmaster, your calendar is up to date so keep it handy! For this newsletter, I have been tasked to limit my message to 470 words (really!) so that is my final toughest challenge as your president.

Through the years, you know my focus has been transparency and communication. It is equally important for you to stay informed and aware of the issues that are facing us as a municipal tax district. Our website is active and updated regularly. Please visit it often, get to know your board beach rep, and join us for meetings. We had a great Town Hall in May (first of two) with take away items for the board to follow up with. It was great to hear what was on your mind.

Much of the list pointed to continued education on our watershed and drainage issues that impact both personal properties and lake quality.

Discussion of our charter and bylaws brought some interesting comments and understanding of the issues around enforcement of ordinances and need for more support from the town and their challenge to fund programs and services.

There will be continued oversight for the board to protect association assets and minimize liabilities that could impact members through risk management and appropriate coverages. I am particularly proud of the work we have done regarding financial reporting, budget preparation and tax collection.

A special note of thanks and personal appreciation to Ed Bader and Lee Griffin who worked tirelessly to revamp our financial reports and put a process in place to clarify our tax policies and ensure our revenues are collected. This process and commitment to abiding to laws that tax districts like us must follow, helps us to better budget and allocate our funds for needed projects.

As promised, you will also see that for this tax billing period, we are able to return some funds back to the community in the way of a reduced mil rate. This is in large part due to staying under budget for the dredging project and high rate of collection on delinquent taxes. Much of our challenges as a community are long-term considerations and involve working closely with East Haddam town officials and will span over many boards. Historical documentation, a viable and active Board of Governors, and new ideas for future planning will be important and one I will continue to support in my continuing role as Third Beach rep.

Click here to read the 2014 Lake Quality Committee report.

Click here to read the 2014 year-end report (pdf) from Aquatic Control Technology concerning the treatment of Lake Hayward for invasive weeds.

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